Steinway Model S Piano

The Baby Grand Piano

At just under 5’1” the Steinway Piano Model S, also known as a Steinway Baby Grand or City Grand, is the smallest grand that Steinway carries. Its design was introduced in the 1930’s. It fits comfortably in most decors and spaces and often has a large powerful sound beyond its apparent scope of size.

Inspiring Quality Music Education and Innovation

The Steinway Model S is a popular choice for pianists and institutions welcoming their first grand piano into their space. A Mumbai based non-profit, the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation (MMMF), sought to "raise the quality of Western classical music education in the country and this (Model S) grand piano from Steinway, known to be one of the best makes in the world, is a step towards that goal." In partnership with Furtados, the Foundation cleverly implemented a crowdfunding model to allow donors to sponsor individual keys through its Steinway 88 Keys Programme. 

MMMF founder Mehroo Jeejeebhoy notes that "the science behind the piano should allow students to learn the nuances of controlling the sound and touch of the keys." Just simply by having the depth and length of a grand scale, the Steinway Piano Model S allows the pianist to sculpt the sound against the strings and create a simulated vibrato in the tone. Check out these beautiful Steinway Model S Pianos.

MMMF piano students practicing on Steinway Model S baby grand piano