Steinway Model D

The Concert Grand

First built in 1884, the Steinway Model D, also known as the Concert Grand piano, measures 9 feet long and is the top choice for many world-renowned artists and educational institutions. Its meticulous and flawless construction produces its ability to deliver pristine-quality sound.

Highest Level of Musical Expression

From nuanced heightened expression and sensitivity to pyrotechnic virtuosity and prowess, these are all possibilities that may be delivered from this piano by those who desire the highest possible level of musical expression. When he was 10 years old, TV host Fred Rogers began practicing on a second hand 1920 Steinway Model D concert grand piano. The Steinway Model D's range of expression captured the heart of America's favorite neighbor and he brought it everywhere with him for the rest of his life.

Fred Rogers, America's Favorite Neighbor

The Steinway Model D piano is essentially the ultimate instrument, if you have the space!