Steinway Model M Piano

Medium Grand: A Popular Choice For Practice Rooms

Steinway's Model M piano measures at 5'7". Known as the "Medium Grand", there is nothing "medium" about this model, as it features a very responsive action, while supporting a full, rich tone. This model offers a resonant sound of incredible depth and warmth, and is much sought-after by many conservatories and music schools around the world, including the Juilliard school in New York whose practice rooms all have Model M Steinway Pianos, as well as homeowners.

Facilitating A Grammy Artist's Biggest Hits

Grammy award winner Carole King composed most of her hit songs on her 1924 Steinway Model M piano. The richness of the lower bass range is characteristic to all Steinway pianos, but this medium grand also offers the efficiency of space akin to that of the Model S Steinway Piano.

Carole King's 1924 Steinway Model M Piano

Carole King 1924 Steinway Model M Piano

Carole King's 1924 Steinway Model M Piano

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