Which Steinway is Right For You?

Which Steinway Piano Is Right For You?
Which Steinway Piano Is Right For You?

No two Steinway pianos are identical. While known for having a rich bass and a breadth of lyrical expression, each Steinway piano is individually hand crafted, making each one unique in its personality and character. 

When choosing a Steinway piano, it's worth your time to try out different Steinway piano models and to play a selection of pieces to explore its range of expression. Space and size do matter and you want to choose a piano that both sits comfortably in your space and allows you to a wide range of musical expression.

Steinway Piano Models

Steinway offers 6 grand piano models; from smallest to largest, the models are S, M, O (or L), A, B, and D. The Steinway Model S, measuring 5'1", is Steinway's baby grand piano that fits comfortably in a smaller living room space. The Model O, the largest of the small grand pianos, is referred to as the "living room grand" and provides a rich and full sound. Of the larger grand pianos, the Model B, referred to as the "classic grand" sits at 6'11" and is often found in piano teaching studios and mid-sized venues. The concert grand Model D measures 8'11" and is Steinway's largest model.