Steinway Piano FAQs

How much does a Steinway cost?

The cost of a Steinway piano varies depending on its model and condition. In general, the price of an almost new pre-owned Steinway grand piano is roughly 50 percent of the retail price of a new Steinway piano. Thus, there is a considerable "off the lot" drop in price; however, many lightly used Steinway pianos are as pristine as those in the Steinway piano showroom.

Why are Steinways so expensive?

Steinway pianos are made with craftsmanship of the highest order. They go through an exhaustive multi-year long process that involves many levels of Steinway factory hand craftsmanship and quality control without equal.

Where is the model number on a Steinway piano?

You can find the model number by the tuning pins, which are directly above the keys and fallboard. There is a small triangle located toward the left side which includes the model letter (i.e. Steinway Model L or B) and the 6 digit serial number which will reveal the year of manufacture of your Steinway piano.

What is the age of my Steinway piano?

You can determine how old your Steinway piano is by locating the model letter and 6 digit serial number. The 6 digit serial number corresponds to the year of manufacture of your Steinway piano.

How much is a Steinway Model S baby grand piano?

The 2018 retail starting price of a Steinway Model S Ebony Satin piano is $69,700. In general, a pre-owned Steinway will be priced at a substantial discount to the new pricing because of the Steinway "off the lot" phenomenon.

What does a Steinway piano Model M cost?

The 2018 retail starting price of a Steinway Model M Ebony Satin piano is $74,300. Compared to a new Steinway, a gently used Steinway piano is considerably discounted in price.

How much is the Model O Steinway piano?

The 2018 retail starting price of a Steinway Model O Ebony Satin piano is $83,300. Lightly used Steinways trade for less than new Steinway pianos because once the piano hits the secondary market there is competition.

What does the Model A Steinway grand piano cost?

The 2018 retail starting price of a Steinway Model A Ebony Satin piano is $96,200. Previously owned Steinways are generally significantly reduced in price once it enters the secondary market.

What is the cost of a Steinway Model B grand piano?

The 2018 retail starting price of a Steinway Model B Ebony Satin piano is $108,700. The "off the lot" phenomenon generally results in a substantial price reduction for lightly used Steinways.

How much is a Steinway piano Model D priced at?

The 2018 retail starting price of a Steinway Model D Ebony Satin piano is $171,100. Pre-owned Steinways on the secondary market are considerably discounted in price compared to new Steinways.

How do you sell a Steinway piano?

To sell your Steinway piano 1) Find the model and serial number 2 ) Email or text 5 photos of your Steinway serial number, soundboard, and general frame 3) Set up a phone appraisal of your Steinway piano.

How do I choose a Steinway piano?

When buying a Steinway piano, we recommend sitting at the instrument and exploring its character by focusing on the bass and the lyrical possibilities. A big robust bass and nuanced tone in the treble are hallmarks of a classic Steinway sound. In terms of options and pricing, we recommend checking the secondary market site Piano Mart for a sense of what is available directly from Steinway sellers.

How do I clean my Steinway Piano?

In terms of Steinway piano care, we go by the motto "less is more." Definitely do not use any products on the piano. In general, to clean and maintain your Steinway piano simply use a soft, lightly dampened cheese cloth and rub gently in the same direction as the grain texture (do not dig in!).

What services do you offer?

We service and repair Steinway pianos of all varieties. We typically do a fine tuning, voicing, and regulation adjustments once your Steinway is in your home.