Steinway Piano Care and Maintenance | Park Avenue Pianos

Put in the effort to maintain your Steinway piano. Take a look at 3 easy steps to care for your beautiful instrument.



Less Is More

When it comes to caring for your Steinway piano, we go by the motto “less is more”. Definitely don’t use any products on the piano. When it comes to cleaning or dusting the piano, just use a simple cheesecloth or extremely soft fabric, with very minimal dampness, and lightly clean the piano.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The most important thing to consider with your Steinway piano is where you place it. Make sure that the piano is away from direct sunlight. We mean that — no direct sunlight. Not only can direct sunlight cause the piano's finish to fade, but in more serious cases, it can weaken the wood and even cause cracks in the soundboard.

Maintain Humidity Levels

Also, try to ensure that the piano is at least a few feet away from any heater. We find that Steinway pianos from Florida, Texas, and other humid environments do really well. It’s dryness that can cause a problem, and if you live in a place where it’s cold and can dry in the winter, you absolutely should make sure that the room has sufficient humidity. In serious cases, dryness can cause cracks and splitting, even in the piano's the soundboard.

Take the time to make sure that your Steinway piano is in a good environment and it will last for multiple generations. Considering buying a Steinway piano? Take a look at Park Avenue Pianos' collection of Steinway pianos.

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