Steinway Piano Services | Park Avenue Pianos

Park Avenue Pianos offers a variety of services when you purchase a Steinway piano. We also service and repair pre-owned Steinway pianos.

Services Included in a Steinway Piano Purchase at Park Avenue Pianos
When you buy a Steinway at Park Avenue Pianos you can be assured that we will be there for all your follow up needs. We typically do a fine tuning, voicing, and regulation adjustments once your Steinway is in your home. Acoustics vary, and therefore it is often necessary to seek this type of artistic perfection in the home itself. All purchases come with our full 5 year warranty, lifetime trade-up, a beautiful  artist's bench, and often delivery.

Additional Services Offered
In addition, if you have a pre-owned Steinway, we service and repair Steinway pianos of all varieties. Park Avenue Pianos is able to service your Steinway piano or other fine instrument in any way necessary, including minor fixes such as a squeaky pedal to fully regulating the piano's action. Our professional piano technicians are highly skilled on the repair, tuning, and maintenance of a Steinway baby grand or a full Steinway concert grand.

If you are not sure what needs to be done on your piano, a technician will personally come to your residence, assess the piano and give you an estimate for work needed. 

In all cases, please know that we are determined to have our clients thrilled with each and every aspect of their transaction, and we truly care about our clients feeling such a developed sense of connection with the piano we sell them that they yearn to return to the piano day after day.