Steinway Model L Grand Piano & Model O

The Living Room Grand

Just shy of six feet in length, this "Living Room Grand”, known as either a Steinway Model L or a Steinway Model O, offers a resonant sound of incredible depth and warmth, and is ideal for teaching studios, spacious apartments and homes. The richness of the lower bass range is in part enhanced by the elongation of the strings and the sound board.

Ideal For An Artist Studio

This is an ideal instrument for those looking for an instrument of uncompromising power, yet demands less space than the concert grand. Listen to the bass on this Steinway Model L and the lyrical singing tone. The Steinway Model L is definitely among the very best pianos for a living space or artist studio.

"America First Ladies" Piano

The Great American Songbook Foundation houses the "America First Ladies" piano, a 1911 Steinway Model O piano that has been signed by the past 8 First Ladies of the White House. This Model O Steinway piano made its national debut when Michael Feinstein was invited to perform by Nancy Reagan at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library's centennial celebration in 2011.

Park Avenue Piano's Special Edition Steinway Model O Piano Built in Hamburg

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