Steinway Model B Grand Piano

A Piano Teaching Studio Favorite
At 7 feet in length, the Steinway Model B is the choice of nearly every teaching studio at conservatories throughout the world. At Juilliard, each and every piano teaching studio has two Steinway Model B pianos side by side.

Crème de la crème
The Model B is considered the creme de la creme of Steinway pianos for virtually any top pianist. It has the reach and bass potential almost on par with the Steinway Model D concert grand, a full lyrical ringing tone, and the size is just simply right. For chordal sections or intricate passagework, the Steinway Model B has both the breadth and clarity to deliver. In fact, the Model B was the piano choice of Art Tatum, one of the world's finest jazz pianists from the 20th century.

Art Tatum, one of the greatest improvisers in jazz history

A Popular Pick for Smaller Stages 
Although the other models each have their own unique beauty, there seems to be uniformity of opinion among the top concert pianists that the Steinway Model B has the perfect proportions for years of music making. Many smaller concert stages choose the Steinway Model B for their concert series programs, as it is suited for a true performance outlet. Listen to this gorgeous Steinway Model B and explore Steinway Model B pianos carried by Park Avenue Pianos.