Why There Is No Such Thing As a "New Steinway Piano"...At Least Not For You

"Trouble with a Capital T, and that rhymes with P, and that stands for Pre-Owned!" Steinway & Sons Pianos are multi-generation pianos constructed with the greatest craftsmanship known to man. So why is there really no such thing as a "New Steinway Piano"? Because the very moment you, as a Steinway buyer, bring the new piano home that baby (grand) is now Used, and subject to a secondary market price.
Why there is no such thing as a New Steinway Piano
Why there is no such thing as a New Steinway Piano

Many potential Steinway buyers stroll through the Steinway Showroom hoping to compare New Steinway Pianos to Used Steinway Pianos. They wonder how they can possibly negotiate their way to a Gently Used Steinway Piano price (far less expensive than the price of a new piano, when you add in all the expenses).  

What many of these buyers seem to forget is that when they are looking at "New Steinways" they are actually comparing Used vs Used. The reason for that is that the moment a New Steinway Piano comes home, that baby is now used! The proud owner of the New Steinway Piano has just walked their "baby" (grand) into the secondary market.

Why would anyone in their right mind spend twice as much for what is essentially the same thing? The answer comes in a powerful four letter word: FEAR. We get it; these buyers are writing a big check. We're talking five, sometimes six figures. No wonder the fear starts permeating. Just as those nerves start kicking in, the Steinway Salesman starts whispering like Robert Preston in The Music Man.. "You got trouble my friend, trouble with a capital T, and that rhymes with P, and that stands for Pre-Owned!" ... They are selling by scaring.  

Man, oh Man. Once they start talking like that, people start quivering! We get it; it's ok; these are sales-people jockeying for sales numbers, and it makes sense that they would employ the biggest emotional trigger we all face; FEAR. However, it's up to an educated Steinway buyer to sing along to the Music Man, but not drink the kool-aid. Don't turn your New Steinway Piano into a Used one just by virtue of bringing it home.

What you've got to do is fall in love with a gently used Steinway Piano that is basically new and turn your used Steinway into a new one, all at a reasonable secondary market price. And we do mean fall in love. We are talking about luxuriating in the beautiful sounds and feel of a Steinway piano, getting inspired, making the piano part of you and your family's life. We are talking about inspiration, not fear. Leave the fear to the Music Man.