Steinway History and Quality: "Best-in-Class" Since 1853

One thing that virtually all pianists and musicians can agree on is that the sound, tone, and character of a beautiful Steinway piano can be nothing short of magical. How does Steinway produce pianos that consistently attract the interest of many of the world’s finest musicians? The answer is craftsmanship of the highest order.

Steinway piano hammers

Steinway piano keys and action parts

Exhaustive craftsmanship
Steinway pianos go through an exhaustive multi-year long process that involves many levels of hand craftsmanship and quality control that are perhaps without equal. The subsequent tone is as close to a vibrato as is possible on what is technically a percussive instrument. In addition, the richness and and robust quality of the bass creates an experience for the piano player that keeps that coming back for more. Take a look at this detailed review of the Steinway Piano Factory. 



Buying Gently Used Steinway Pianos: A Winning Strategy
This handcrafted process is what creates the soulful sound that pianists rave about. This is why a Steinway holds its value over multiple generations and why it's a winning strategy to consider buying a gently used Steinway piano — you can get the same high quality value of a Steinway piano at a significantly discounted real market price.

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 Steinway Model B Piano Henry Ziegler Limited Edition
Park Avenue Piano's Henry Ziegler Limited Edition Steinway Model B Grand Piano