Selling Fear | Steinway Showroom Sales Staff Scared You?

What Steinway Used to Say About Their Own Steinway Pianos
It wasn’t long ago that Steinway used to be very proud of their older pianos. Steinway spoke, with great pride, about their multi-generation pianos that embodied great character, soul, and stunning sound. Pianists loved these older pianos, and institutions such as Juilliard stocked their practice facilities with these golden-age pianos. Juilliard still has only golden-age Steinways in their practice rooms, the choice of countless pianists. When you go to the living room of most accomplished and internationally renowned pianists, you will often find an older golden age Steinway.

Scare Tactics
So why would Steinway develop a word to scare buyers? Many pianists feel that these scare tactics were designed by clever marketing people (not musicians) with one aim: to scare buyers into buying brand new. The result, many experts contend, was a new business strategy built on selling fear.

Steinway Piano Longevity
In reality, there are a great many piano technicians who have worked for years at Steinway (or still do) and espouse the older golden age Steinways. These technicians roll their eyes when they hear that Steinway has resorted to such a scare tactic. They know, as most concert pianists do, that older Steinways, like prized Stradivarius violins, often have a richness of tone and sound color that is without equal.

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