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A large percentage of our clientele are dealers from China, as our Steinway piano retail pricing is actually wholesale pricing for these dealers or members of the Chinese American community, often in the New York and California markets.


China's Demand For Pianos

It's an exciting time to sell Steinway pianos in the Chinese market as there is high demand for Steinway pianos. Lang Lang, one of China's finest classical pianists explains this phenomena: "In America, you've already had the piano for hundreds of years. In China, it's fresher, it's newer. Everyone wants to play." Furthermore, the Chinese government's public encouragement of encouraging students to learn the piano and invest in music education is creating great momentum for Steinway pianos in China.

Park Avenue Pianos Chinese Sales Staff

Our staff of pianists is fully versed in both Mandarin and Cantonese. We encourage you to reach out by phone or text. If you prefer to work with our Chinese sales representatives, we’ll reach back out to you very shortly, usually by WeChat. Thank you for considering us for your Steinway piano sale or purchase.         

Park Avenue Pianos Ronen Segev and Tina Tianyu Deng working with a piano dealer in China.

Park Avenue Pianos in Shenzhen, China