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Park Avenue Pianos is owned and run by concert pianists. We went to Juilliard for our training and learned what it takes to not only make music on the highest level, but also to be advocates for the arts.

The Piano As The Soul of Every Home
The piano used to be the centerpiece of every home, an anchor for creativity; families would entertain each other with piano music, chamber music, poetry, theater, comedy  live and passionate forms of expression. In many homes today, this is been replaced by television or handheld devices.

We believe that a beautiful piano, in particular a multi generation Steinway piano, can be the anchor for a modern day family to embrace culture within the framework of the home. When the piano is the centerpiece of a beautiful residence, it is a reflection of true commitment to the arts.

Steinway Model S Baby Grand Piano in Newport Beach, California

Our mission is to bring this fine level of culture and arts to more homes. We believe in a music salon culture, where musicians frequent the home, concertize in an intimate setting, engage with the family, and inspire everyone around to attend cultural events, to express themselves through creativity, and to live more artfully. 

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